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    TYPE: Dust Collectors Separator Systems

    Cyclone dust separators are primarily used as course particle size powder, granular bulk product separators. Generally speaking, cyclones can be used as primary particle size classifiers on products such as non dusty plastic pellet. A cyclone decelerates the particle from the air stream using centrifugal force on the interior of the cyclone walls. Product spins down the side walls losing velocity as it travels downward.

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    Materials of Construction:

    Cyclones are either mild steel and primed and painted with (food FDA epoxy) or 304 stainless steel food industry where we fabricate receivers out of 304l stainless steel with a variety of weld finishes suiting your application. Typical cyclones are constructed of 12ga or 14 gauge steel. We specialize in abrasive products like glass filled plastic resin with removable wear plate.

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