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              Welcome to the Kurt J. Lesker Company.  

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              Customer Testimonials

              At the Kurt J. Lesker Company®, we pride ourselves on our services, solutions, and expertise. Below you'll find feedback that has been kindly provided to us from our customers regarding their experiences. If you would like to let us know how we are doing, please feel free to take our brief customer survey.

              As a long time Lesker customer, I have always been happy with their products and services. Recently, I had the opportunity to use their new Mag Keeper sputtering source and was very impressed with its overall performance. Having used TORUS magnetrons in the past, I found that the new design enabled me to run at much lower operating pressures, which was critical in my application. In addition, the fact that the design does not have an anode shield or clamp greatly reduces contamination in my process and enables me to run longer without venting my chamber for cleaning. This new magnetron design is a significant upgrade to Kurt Lesker's sputtering systems and will be considered in all of my future application requirements. – Learn more about the TORUS® Mag Keeper™ UHV Compatible Circular Magnetron Sputtering Sources.

              Erol Girt

              Associate Professor

              Simon Fraser University

              Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


              Kurt J. Lesker Company is a leader in vacuum products and services. The very extensive inventory and products offered have made KJLC the Go To place when purchasing vacuum equipment. My group appreciates the large inventory and wide product line that they carry. The team at KJLC goes the extra distance and makes our experience a great one, each and every time.

              Nathan Newman

              Lawrence Professor of Solid State Sciences

              Arizona State University

              Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A.


              We had to think more long term at the Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center at UMass so we were pleased to discover that Lesker offered the extremely versatile Lab-Line sputter tool. We also got applications assistance which was critical to the choice. Lesker not only has provided spot on equipment and support they have offered vacuum training to our researchers that was hugely popular. No system is perfect, but Lesker has been excellent in most every phase and is anxious to improve in the areas where improvement can be made.

              Thomas S. Ferraguto

              Nanofab Director

              University of Massachusetts Lowell

              Lowell, MA, U.S.A.


              Lesker gave us the best experience we could have hoped for when setting up LabMonti. They helped us design everything from our single molecule microscopy UHV chamber to our system for ultrafast surface dynamics in organic semiconductors, start to finish. Thanks to their comprehensive coverage of all things UHV, they have accompanied our research ever since.

              Dr. Oliver L.A. Monti

              Assistant Professor

              University of Arizona

              Tucson, AZ, U.S.A.


              The KJLC system we purchased is the base for all of my research. The quality of products from KJLC is excellent.

              Dr. Hua Guan

              Associate Professor

              Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics

              Wuchang, Wuhan, China


              The staff at KJLC work efficiently and have excellent communication skills. KJLC's vacuum devices are precise and have friendly operation interfaces.

              Dr. Shangbo Ma

              Peking University

              Haidian, Beijing, China


              The sputtering system we purchased from Kurt J. Lesker Company produces uniform, smooth, reproducible high quality thin films, which greatly helps us achieve our research goals.

              Professor Zongzhi Zhang

              Fudan University

              Yangpu, Shanghai, China


              I chose a Mini-SPECTROS over other systems due to the experience of Kurt J. Lesker and the flexibility offered in customizing the system. I have been very satisfied with the performance of the system, and the recipe-driven deposition is a huge time-saver in the lab. Moreover, the customer service and support offered by Kurt J. Lesker has been above and beyond any other company I have worked with. They have been very quick to respond to questions, and have solved problems in ways that minimize effort on my part. I would definitely recommend a Mini-SPECTROS system to anyone in the field.

              Professor Kevin Sivula

              Head of the Laboratory

              EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

              Lausanne, Switzerland


              The Mini-SPECTROS™ has proven to be the ideal tool for rapidly proving out the feasibility of vapour deposited perovskite solar cells, the combination of organic and metal sources offers great versatility for investigating new materials with a broad range of deposition temperatures. The prompt and friendly service offered by Lesker has also helped us to get the most out of this tool. – Learn more about Henry Snaith's Perovskite Research.

              Henry Snaith

              University Lecturer

              University of Oxford

              Oxford, United Kingdom


              The SPB/SFX instrument of the European XFEL has a sound collaboration experience in vacuum projects with Kurt Lesker. This is due to the prompt delivery schedule, good customer communication and the quality of the parts delivered. Having Kurt Lesker as a partner has made it possible for key parts of our instrumentation to be installed on time and perform to specification.

              Luis Lopez

              Integration Engineer

              European XFEL

              Hamburg, Germany


              We currently have 3 Kurt J. Lesker evaporation systems installed in our multi-user lab facility. From the beginning, KJLC have provided the excellent technical support to finish the project on time and the delivery and installation of the system was also very professional and fast. The systems themselves (one Mini SPECTROS and two SPECTROS 100 that can deposit both organic material and metals) have proved to be very powerful tools for the fast prototyping and research of organic electronic devices. Since the installation of the systems the staff at Kurt J. Lesker have still continued to provide us with fast and efficient technical support and customer service.

              Sokha Khiev

              Engineer Chemistry & Characterization

              ELORPrintTecFacility for Printed Organic Electronics

              University of Bordeaux France


              We have worked together with KJLC on the design of an UHV chamber and other components to build the first prototype to produce our novel passivation process for compound semiconductors. We have used their online design tool and their 3D component libraries and product configurators to get the preliminary 3D of our system, the whole process was extremely easy and fast. Their engineering team is very skillful and friendly and it has given us excellent support during the whole project and specifically in the design of complicated components such as customized transfer systems. We have received the system on time and with premium quality from the first bolt all the way to the packing materials! We are very happy with the end result as well as with the whole relationship and how KJLC has dealt with the project. They have proven to be a top supplier and now we are willing to continue doing business together. Thank you for the great work.

              Vicente Calvo Alonso

              CEO, Founder

              Comptek Solutions

              Turku, Finland


              I collaborated with The Kurt J. Lesker Company on a UHV experimental chamber for an electron beam diagnostics set-up for the AWAKE Experiment at CERN. Kurt J. Lesker's design engineers worked closely with me to engineer and build my chamber assembly. I found the whole experience of working with Kurt J Lesker Company very easy. I was supported throughout the entire project with technical help and support. I was then invited to the Hastings manufacturing building to meet the friendly team of engineers and sign off my project, which was completed ahead of schedule. I am looking forward to our next project and the opportunity to once again collaborate with the Kurt J. Lesker Company. Thank you for your great customer service and for the high quality of the final product.

              Öznur Mete


              Cockcroft Institute of Accelerator Science and Technology

              Daresbury, Warrington, United Kingdom


              Our tools from Lesker are our main workhorses guaranteeing stable and reproducible processing of our organic devices. In particular the combinatorial features have proven to be extremely useful.

              Professor Karl Leo


              The Dresden Integrated Center for Applied Physics and Photonic Materials (IAPP)

              Dresden, Germany


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