Slat Conveyors

      Slat conveyors are designed and manufactured to provide long term, dependable performance under heavy loads and duress.  They are typically used to convey large or heavy loads and hot or oily parts.  Slat conveyors are most commonly found in an assembly line or production operation.  Slat conveyors are manufactured with evenly spaced slats connected to a low friction roller chain.  The roller chain is driven by a gear motor assembly which in turn moves the slats and conveys the product.  Slat conveyors are very flexible and can be customized for individual requirements.

      Benefits of Slat Conveyors:

      • Position and orientation can be controlled and maintained as necessary
      • They provide a continuous moving surface and products can be mounted as necessary
      • Highly reliable with minimum maintenance
      • Ideal for harsh or extreme manufacturing environments
      • Horizontal, inclined and curved applications are available
      • Slats are easily replaced if damaged or worn
      • Low voltage motors are energy efficient and provide cost savings
      • Great for irregularly shaped items or items with bottom conditions
      • Slat conveyors often have an abrasion/impact resistant load track to extend track life. A flat conveying surface and grooved upper track guide the chain
      • Slats can be removed to accommodate assembly fixtures
      • Move at relatively slow speeds, so ideal for assembly operations.  Slats are higher than the side frames, allowing accessibility to load or unload from either or both sides

      Applications for Slat Conveyors Include:

      •  Heavy loads  • Hot, Oily Parts  •  High Temperature Environments  •  Harsh Environments  •  Assembly Line or Production Lines
      • Bottling/Canning Operations   •  Wet or Wash Down Operations   •   Pallet loading or unloading from either side with a forklift
      •  Frequent Stop/Start Applications  

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      Slat Conveyor for Irregularly Shaped Product and Heavy Duty Conveyance Applications